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Note sent home on 9/10/2014                           

As we enter into the second full week of school, I would like to remind all parents about the AHS Homework Policy. The policy is outlined in the AHS Student Handbook paragraph 429. Homework makes up 25% of each student’s grade on their report card each grading quarter. If they do not do their homework or do not return it to the school, they cannot play sports. Parents are required to sign the homework to verify that it is completed. Homework can be sent home 5 days a week for intermediate and middle school students and for four days or not less than three days a week for elementary students. I encourage all parents to read the homework policy to your students to remind them of their responsibility to get it done when it is sent home. Please start planning to attend our annual back to school pow-wow (details on the back of this note) which will be held next Thursday the 18th of September. Dr. Gloria J Coats-Kitsopoulos

9th & 10th September- 21st Century – 4:30 pm -6:30 pm, 4th-8th grade students

10th September – World Suicide Prevention Day

10th September- Cross Country @ Loneman @ 4:00 pm

11th September-I HS Mobile Clinic will be in Allen

11th September- VB & FB with Red Cloud @ AHS @ 3:30 pm

13th September – Bennett County Jamboree, Time and Place to be determined

15th- 19th- Dakota Players Master Training with Middle School

16th & 17th September- 21st Century – 4:30 pm -6:30 pm, 4th-8th grade students

16th September – VB & FB with WKDS @ AHS @ 3:30 pm

17th September- Cross Country @ Red Cloud @ 4:00 pm

18th September- Back to School Pow-Wow & FACE Family Night - All parents and students welcome supper at 5:00 pm, Grand Entry at 6:00 pm in AHS gym

18th September- VB @ Little Wound @ 3:30 pm

18th September- FB @ WKDS @ 3:30 pm

19th September- SD Education Non-contact day- NO SCHOOL

20th September- AHS 7th & 8th Grade Volleyball Tournament @ 10:00 am @ AHS

23rd & 24th September- 21st Century – 4:30 pm -6:30 pm, 4th-8th grade students

23rd September – FB @ Rockyford  @ 3:30 p-m

23rd September- VB – AHS with Red Cloud @ AHS @ 3:30 pm

24th September Cross Country @ O.L.L @ Thunder Valley @ 4:00 pm

25th September VB & FB with Loneman @ AHS @ 3:30 pm

30th September- VB @ Rockyford @ 3:30 pm

30th September & 1st October - 21st Century – 4:30 pm -6:30 pm, 4th-8th grade students

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We will stand together to create a healthy learning environment so that our children at American Horse School will have the opportunities to acquire leadership competences for building a better future by achieving a level of greatness experienced by our people carrying on the values that are uniquely and beautifully Lakota.

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